Schlanstedt, 03. November 2014

Medizinische Messe Baden-Baden vom 29.10 bis 02.11.2014

Europas größter Ärztekongress für KomplementärmedizinVon Adipositas bis zu Schwindel: In Tagungen erhielt das interessierte Fachpublikum...[more]

Schlanstedt, 18. October 2014

ViTAL Messe in Pforzheim

Die Messe ViTAL 2014 fand am 18.10.2014 in Pforzheim statt und wurde durch den Veranstalter, die Pforzheimer Zeitung, im Kongresszentrum...[more]

18. Sep. 2015 10:00 - 18:00
Jährliche Medizinproduktschulung in Halberstadt   [more]

Welcome to FROXIMUN.DE

FROXIMUN® represents expertise in the field of detoxification as prevention and treatment, practically applicable via medical products for internal and external use as well as for diagnostic analyses. We hope you enjoy browsing the information available.

  • Why detoxify?

    Our daily beverages, staple and luxury foods, household chemicals, medications and a wide range of environmental factors adversely affect our bodies. These involve various substances that can enter our bodies via the metabolic process and trigger often unpredictable chain reactions. The consequences are the so-called diseases of civilization, including cancer, and the current collapse of the global health care system.  [Read more...]

  • What is FROXIMUN?

    FROXIMUN® products are natural medical products based on the natural zeolite clinoptilolite, a volcanic mineral. FROXIMUN® helps you to prevent or alleviate illness.  FROXIMUN® is not absorbed by the body, but moves only through the digestive tract, absorbing various toxins like a sponge on its way. Substances harmful to your health can thus be bound and excreted before they enter your bloodstream. [Read more...]

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Our quality standards - your safety in use

When you personally use FROXIMUN® medical products, you are placing your trust in us and in the safety and effectiveness of our products. With a comprehensive quality assurance program that starts with the research and covers everything including the selection of raw materials, our manufacturing process and storage, delivery and customer support, we want to express our appreciation of the trust you place in us.

As a manufacturer of medical products, we are subject to rigorous statutory guidelines and regulations, but we also require user-oriented quality awareness of our own accord coupled with a commitment to quality to ensure the safe use of our products. In addition to meeting the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive, we are certified in accordance with ISO Standard 13485:2010. [Read more ...]